June 4, 2023


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37 Vegan breakfast ideas for the best morning- Healthy, delicious & simple

Breakfast (indeed) is the most critical meal of the day as it helps to open up your mind and body and prepare them for the remainder of the day and activities. And a lot of times, people struggle to prepare yummy meals because they take a lot of prepping and cooking time – don’t we all agree that mornings are always rushed? As a result, most people settle for ready-to-cook packaged items. It’s high time to step away from those processed foods and try these delectable Vegan breakfast ideas.


Now, these Vegan breakfast ideas are not only easy-to-make but are also healthy, refreshing, and varied- so no more excuses! Plus, these breakfasts are for anyone and everyone, Vegan or non-Vegan; you can equally savor these Vegan breakfast ideas.

What are Vegan breakfast ideas?


A Vegan breakfast comprises primarily of a plant-based diet. Most of these Vegan breakfast ideas include minimally processed foods like plant-based proteins, vegetables, and whole grains (like acai bowls and oatmeal). Although many classic plant-based breakfast recipes like smoothies and oatmeal are naturally Vegan, others, like muffins, pancakes, and tacos (yes!), can easily be made Vegan with a couple of simple ingredients swapped.

These days, there are several terrific Vegan substitutions and genuinely nice ingredients that you can use in hearty and yummilicious Vegan breakfast ideas. Therefore no matter your choice of Vegan breakfast, sweet or savory, we got your back!

37 Vegan breakfast ideas for the best morning – Healthy, delicious & simple

We’ll start with savory vegan breakfast ideas like toasts, granolas, and bread and end it strong with sweet ones like muffins, waffles, and scones. Also, there are a few rich and flavorsome smoothies on this list. Let’s get started!

1. Avocado Vegan Toast


This is such a simple formula to form a vegan breakfast idea! Avocados are natural and super creamy, making them glorious as a paste or spread. Create this a filling begin to the day by topping it with everything from chickpeas and tomatoes to corn salsa and fresh radishes.

2. Best Vegan French-toast

Enjoy this Vegan French-toast cent percent dairy and egg-free. In no time, you will be slapping away family members’ hands as they fight to steal these super tasty plant-based breakfasts off the plate!

3. Sweet Potato Vegan Toast


Whether you are in the mood for savory or sweet, this healthy Vegan breakfast idea hits the spot! Load it up along with your favorite paste or nut butter spread, fruits, and a dash of seeds. Conversely, you can spread on the avocado for a new (and luscious) replacement for traditional avocado toast!

4. Peanut Butter, Coconut & Banana Toast

Move over avocado; this sweet breakfast toast deserves a lot of praise! To turn this simple Vegan breakfast idea into a special one, add cooked coconut flakes and relish the taste.

5. Mango Vegan Toast with Hazelnut-Pepita Butter


Not a fan of avocado toast? Try our sweet-and-savory Vegan fruit toast instead. Spread slices of sourdough with nut butter paste, then sprinkle mango or other available seasonal fresh fruits like sliced melons, apples, berries, etc.

6. Almond Butter Vegan Toast

Next up in our Vegan breakfast ideas is Almond Butter Vegan toast! It’s a super easy and most popular breakfast meal. It is full of protein and keeps you happy and energized all morning! You can either use purchased almond butter or DIY a homemade spread like cashew butter, almond butter, or any nut butter if you own a food blender. Sprinkle it with honey and berries or a simple jam to make it even more scrumptious!

7. Caramelized Bananas Vegan Toast

This Vegan breakfast idea uses bananas in a couple of ways: firstly in the bread soak and secondly as caramelized on top. Combine it with chia seeds and spiced pecans to make an additional nutrient-filled breakfast. As a Vegan breakfast idea, you can also add a touch of peanut or almond butter spread to balance its sweetness.

8. Steel-Cut Oatmeal Vegan Breakfast


There is nothing like a warm bowl of steel-cut oatmeal, especially during winters. Play around with diverse toppings, pile on fresh seasonal fruits, chopped nuts or nutty spread, toasted coconut flakes, and much more!

9. Quinoa-Cinnamon Vegan Breakfast bowl

Quinoa is a protein-rich replacement for oats that you can add to this cinnamon-spiced Vegan breakfast bowl. Sprinkle along your favorite seasonal fruits, and yum!

10. Whole Oats Vegan Breakfast


Who says oats need to be sweet? Tamari, Miso, squash, and red onions add depth of flavor to those savory Vegan breakfast ideas. Warm and satisfying, they are a nutrient-packed Vegan breakfast that will absolutely keep you full for a long-long time.

11. Vegan Banana-baked Oatmeal Breakfast


Another one of the many healthy Vegan breakfast ideas that are simple yet packed with irresistible bite: Vegan banana-baked oatmeal! This unbelievable idea is wholesome and filling, and you can easily DIY it with nutrient-packed ingredients, i.e., bananas and oats. Serve it to your guests, or even better, prepare an enormous pan and binge eat all week. You can also cut it into bars for fast snacks. You can add a dash of nutty spread and banana slices to make it an even more decadent and wholesome breakfast treat.

12. Oatmeal Vegan Breakfast Cookies

Cookies for breakfast, YAY! I am undoubtedly signing up for this, are you? All you need are almond flour, ground flax or chia seeds, almond butter, oats, and walnuts, and in no time, you’ll have cookies that are packed full of rich nutrients, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Moreover, these cookies are gluten-free, refined sugar-free, oil-free, and soy-free! These super healthy and tempting cookies will only make you full of joy rather than guilt.

13. Peanut Butter Oatmeal Vegan Breakfast

Oatmeal is unquestionably the powerhouse of Vegan breakfast ideas. This yum peanut butter oatmeal breakfast is chewy and roasted – the flavor will surely make you ditch your regular oats! Some of the favorite toppings that you add to it are strawberry jam, honey, or maple syrup.

14. Vegan Breakfast Tacos


There is never a wrong time to fancy tacos. In reality, these Vegan breakfast tacos are an ideal combination of green goodies breakfast ingredients, like avocado, buttery hash browns, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and Vegan crumbles all packed up in warm tortillas. The result is wholesome, hearty, and zesty tacos to begin your day with!

15. Mexican-style Vegan Breakfast Idea

These Mexican-style, Vegan breakfast burritos are full of poblano peppers, eggy tofu-chorizo scramble, onion, creamy avocado, and crisp air-fried potatoes. This Vegan breakfast idea is easily the most tasteful burrito with authentic Mexican magic!

16. Scrambled Tofu Vegan Breakfast


Simply the best Vegan replacement for eggs. If you desire a plate heaped with scrambled eggs but stick to a plant-based diet, then scrambled tofu is your go-to best Vegan breakfast idea! It is simple, easy to prepare, hardly takes any time, and is a pocket bomb of rich nutrients and flavor.

17. Overnight Pumpkin Oats Breakfast

Overnight oats are one of our favorite thrifty, low-effort vegetarian breakfast ideas. Mix oats, a liquid, sweetener, and your add-ins of alternative, then leave to soak long, and you have got per week of healthy, hearty, and endlessly customizable ideas for vegetarian breakfasts (like these pumpkin long oats or preserved caramel long oats)!

18. Stovetop Oatmeal Vegan Breakfast

Prefer regular warming oatmeal? No downside – mix your oats, sweetener, and liquid in a pan on the stovetop instead and fiddle with the endless flavoring choices like these carrot cake oats or apple cinnamon oatmeal! This stovetop oatmeal is an excellent thanks to pop out your morning! It is packed with superb and nutritious ingredients that will keep you energized throughout the day!

19. (Gluten-Free) Peanut Butter dry cereal Bars


For a brilliant quick grab-and-go high-protein Vegan breakfast, strive for these chewy spread dry cereal bars. With simply one or two ingredients, you will be able to prepare these gluten-free cereal bars with a mixture of oats, dried fruits, nutty spread, sweetener or syrup, and chocolate chips. These granola bars are one of the super meal-prep-friendly and fuss-free on-the-go Vegan breakfast ideas!

20. Vegan yogurt frozen dessert Breakfast


Pulling along an easy and delicious Vegan yogurt frozen dessert takes simply one or two ingredients and extremely little time. This frozen yogurt dessert is packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants with a mixture of granola, dairy-free yogurt, and fruits.

21. Fruit and Nut Quinoa Vegan Breakfast Bowl


Not all oats are gluten-free and cheap. So, you can swap your oats out for quinoa, and you can avoid additional carbs and gluten, making your Vegan breakfast even more nutrient-dense and filling.

22. Smoothie Bowl with Ginger and Matcha


Soak oats and chia (or flax) seeds in coconut milk for ten minutes, then blitz the mixture with ginger, avocado, spinach, mango, matcha, and almond butter. Complete your smoothie bowl with a topping of fresh seasonal fruits and dry cereal, and enjoy!

23. Toasted Muesli

Muesli is a homemade breakfast cereal – it is like dry cereal without oil and a little sweetener. This Vegan breakfast idea may be your favorite with cooked coconut, pecans, dried cherries, and cinnamon scent. Add these to your choice of oat milk or almond milk, and savor the delectable taste!

24. Strawberry-Banana smoothies

This berry-banana combination is one of the classic Vegan breakfast ideas for a reason; however, you can give your creative take. You can add a few raspberries for a zesty flavor or mix in mint or basil leaves for a refreshing smack.

25. Avocado, Blueberry, or Green Apple smoothie

Avocados, blueberries, or Green Apples can take your smoothie to another level. Each one offers its refreshing mix and a tremendously creamy texture to the smoothie with healthy fats.

26. Superfood smoothie bowl


This Vegan breakfast bowl tastes ultra yummy and may pass as dessert. However, do not be fooled, as it consists of all the good-for-you ingredients like nutty butter, berries, and spinach.

27. Acai smoothie bowls

They pack within the vitamins and nutrients – just add some nutty spread to make these long-lasting. This acai bowl is definitely a great Vegan breakfast idea, lidded with barmy and fruit. Acai bowl is a well-liked dish in Brazil, and they’ve currently become very fashionable here in the US as a healthy breakfast or mid-day snack!

28. Banana, Cashew, Coffee, and Cocoa smoothie


For a caffeine-filled breakfast smoothie that comes along during a minute, soak your oats and cashews night long, then mix with bananas, seedless dates, cold-brewed coffee, and a pinch of cocoa powder.

29. Pancakes and Waffles as Vegan Breakfast Ideas


For those with an appetency, Vegan pancakes and waffles are an ideal way to begin or end the day – whether you wish to serve them as a part of a big Vegan breakfast, brunch, or simply a mid-week treat. All you need are almond flour, sugar or honey, oil, almond or oat milk, and spices.

Here are some soft egg and dairy-free Vegan pancakes, waffles, and crepes, to feature in your Vegan breakfast ideas list – 

  •  Whole wheat waffles
  •  Pumpkin pancakes
  •  Banana pancakes
  •  Carrot waffles with coconut cream
  •  Apple cinnamon waffles
  •  Coffee pancake
  •  Chocolate hazelnut crepe
  •  Sweet potato pancakes or waffles
  •  Blueberry pancake
  •  Chocolate chips crepe

Bonus Vegan Breakfast Ideas


Similarly, there are numerous other Vegan breakfast ideas that you can easily incorporate into the comfort of your home. Some additional yummiest Vegan breakfast ideas are –

30. Banana bread

31. Apple cinnamon bread

32. Sweet potato biscuits

33. Vegan scones with berries

34. Chia pudding

35. Pineapple muffins

36. Cinnamon chai-spice muffins

37. Veggie Frittata

Winding Up


Often Vegans are stuck with quick breakfast options or replacements of non-Vegan ingredients. But, worry not more! These 37 Vegan breakfast ideas are the best healthy plant-based alternatives for an energized morning!

What are your favorite Vegan breakfast ideas?

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