June 2, 2023


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Best Offbeat Party Foods

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There would be many people who would attend a party to have a gala time relishing some small bites and beverages. And not just that, people like to even carry some small bites while attending some party to save themselves from entering a party empty-handed. Also, it acts as a great token of gratitude for the host/hostess. Some people like to carry cake in Patna or in some XYZ city, whereas some others like to carry a bottle of wine or champagne. So, here are a few offbeat party foods, that you may like to give a try to notch up the party element. 

  1. Subs – An amazing sandwich loaded with some veggies, sauces, cheese, herbs and some meat (optional) is sure to make a great party food when the hunger pangs. You can get it made in 6’’ or 9’’ bread length to make it an indeed “fulfilling” party food. 
  2. Brownie – Add a dash of sweetness to your party celebrations as you choose to opt for some choco-chip, red velvet, blueberry, sea salt brownies. It is a crowd-pleaser and many host/hostess have opted for this dessert opinion to make their party, a major hit.
  3. Nachos – A Mexican dish that consists of heated tortilla chips topped up with melted cheese, often served as a party snack or appetizer. The crunchiness of the nachos along with the spiced up tortilla chips loaded with tons of cheesy is sure to leave every guest at your party drooling. 
  4. Potato Wedges – French fries are something that every host/hostess would offer you. What’s new that you’ve got to offer? Well, that is a big question. Potato wedges seem to be like french fries yet so very different. Potatoes are cut into C-shape could be peeled or even unpeeled and could be baked or even fried. You can further choose to serve potato wedges with your favourite kind of dips like cheese dip, tartar dip, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce.
  5. Pizza – There would be absolutely no one who can say no to a slice of pizza. Pizza originally came from Italy and ever since then it has been trending all over. It is a flattened wheat base which has been firstly smeared with sauces and then topped up with some veggies/ meat and finally cheese baked at a high temperature in an oven. 
  6. Chicken wings – If you have all the chicken lovers in the house, then what could make a great addition to your party than some chicken wings. An American origin fast food item which consists of chicken pieces that are deep-fried and then dipped in some spicy sauce further served with butter on top of it. It makes a great choice of parties and various celebrations. 
  7. Garlic Bread – There’s cheese, there’s the flavour of garlic and there are some herbs like oregano – what’s there not to love about garlic bread, right? Some like to grill it, while some others like to toast/bake it until the top covering of cheese gets fully melted. It looks yummy, for sure but tastes even better. 
  8. Pita Bread and Hummus – Mashallah is the word your guests are going to utter after they tryout this middle eastern delicacy. Pita Bread and Hummus is like Indian pancakes or Naan which has been served along with a paste/dip made with mashed chickpeas or other beans, blended with tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. 
  9. Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms – Make sure your vegetarian guests don’t feel left out at your party. Prepare some Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms and top it off with some herbs and more cheese to bless them with a food orgasm. 

So, now that you all have got a brief idea of what to offer your guests, start with the party preparations already. Would you?