June 7, 2023


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Blue California’s ergothioneine found supporting nutritious aging | 2021-01-15

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CALIF. — ErgoActive ergothioneine from Blue California may support aid healthful growing older, according to an in vitro review posted in the Journal of Dietary Health supplements.

The study marked the very first time ergothioneine was examined for its impact on telomere size. Telomeres are protein buildings found at the close of DNA strands that defend chromosomes from turning into destroyed. Oxidative strain during growing older wears down telomeres and impacts a number of regions of health and fitness, which include longevity, bone wellness, cardiovascular well being, cognition and pores and skin vitality.

“Our success advise that ergothioneine as part of a healthier diet could most likely mitigate the adverse effects of oxidative pressure and help healthful ageing by aiding to preserve telomere length and cut down the charge of shortening,” stated Priscilla Samuel, PhD, chief science officer at Blue California.

Ergothioneine is a obviously taking place amino acid that may possibly be received from dietary sources these as specific species of mushrooms, beans and oat bran.

“Blue California actively invests in scientific scientific tests to progress the science and influence of our ErgoActive ergothioneine on overall wellness and wellness,” Dr. Samuel said. “We are dedicated to furthering investigate for substantiating useful rewards and statements affiliated with components for use in dietary nutritional supplements, functional meals and beverages, particular care items, cosmetics and pet nourishment.”