May 29, 2023


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Everything To Know About Food Network’s New Show

Food Network is cooking up some summertime fun with its new series, Beachside Brawl, and it’s time to share some interesting facts about the new show. It’s an East Coast versus West Coast battle, as the best cooks from each region attempt to prove which coast makes the best summer food. Hosted by Antonia Lofaso, the series features renowned East Coast chef Tiffani Faison, and acclaimed West Coast chef, Brooke Williamson. During the beachside competition, the women choose and lead teams featuring four cooks.

Antonia, the host of Beachside Brawl, is the perfect chef to take the lead on the show. Jane Latman, who is the President, Home & Food Content and Streaming, for Warner Bros. Discovery, has gushed about the host. She says that Antonia brings culinary experience, along with connections to both coasts. In Jane’s opinion, this makes her an ideal fit for a coast to coast battle in a beach setting. As team captains, Tiffani and Brooke will mentor and cook alongside their team members, to try and show that their coast cooks the best summer eats.


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The Food Network is known for its exciting and entertaining culinary competition shows. This series features three of the most legendary chefs in the business. As the summertime competition on Beachside Brawl heats up, here is everything to know about the onscreen action.

The Host – Antonia Lofaso

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Antonia began her television career in 2008, as a contestant on Top Chef season 4, during which she placed fourth. She then returned in 2010 for Top Chef: All-Stars, placing 3rd. She has also appeared as a judge on Cutthroat Kitchen, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Guy’s Chance of a Lifetime. Most recently, she was the head judge on The Julia Child Challenge.

According to Food Network, Antonia feels that she is uniquely qualified to host Beachside Brawl. She said, “With my strong connection to both coasts — being born on the east and growing up on the west — I’m so thrilled to oversee this competition as my two talented friends, Tiffani Faison and Brooke Williamson brawl on the beach to prove their coast is best.”

The Mentors – Tiffani Faison & Brooke Williamson

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A talented chef, Tiffani first rose to television fame when she was the runner-up of Top Chef season 1. She has since participated in many other competitions for the franchise. She has served as a judge and competed on many editions of Chopped. Tiffani’s most recent accomplishment was winning the prestigious Tournament of Champions 3, defeating Brooke in the finale. Based in Boston, Tiffani will represent the East Coast on Beachside Brawl. In the promo, she described the East as a beast.

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Brooke is an accomplished chef who won Top Chef season 14 and the first Tournament of Champions, besting some of the most legendary chefs in the business. She was the runner-up of Top Chef season 10, and the runner-up of the second and third Tournament of Champions. She is currently a judge on BBQ Brawl. Brooke was born and raised in Los Angeles, and will represent the West Coast on Beachside Brawl. Of course, she think that the West is going to win.

The Competitors

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The Food Network’s summer show Beachside Brawl features two teams. As the East Coast team captain, Tiffani will lead her contestants, including Jared Brown (Long Branch, NJ), Edward Lordman (Pensacola, FL), Ben Porter (Cape Cod, MA), and Jada Vidal (Tampa Bay, FL). Brooke will serve as team captain for the West Coast cooks, including Kaleena Bliss (Seattle, WA), Brian Madayag (Edmonds, WA), Joshua Mouzakes (San Diego, CA), and Jessica Roy (Newport Beach, CA).

The Competition

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Tiffani and Brooke will each lead teams of four cooks on Beachside Brawl during the six-week competition, mentoring them and cooking alongside them. On the series premiere, Antonia challenges the teams to create a menu of dishes representing their coast, which could be found at boardwalk stands and served to beachgoers. They must include food served on a stick, food served in a bun, and fried, cheesy, and sweet items. Throughout the rest of the Beachside Brawl season on Food Network, the competitions will include a seafood banquet on a budget, a tropical destination dinner, a “million-dollar” yacht meal, and a boardwalk bake sale.

Rotating guest judges will join Antonia each week to help determine the winner. They include Stephanie Boswell, Noah Cappe, Tim Hollingsworth, Rashida Holmes, Sabin Lomac, Jeremy McBryde, and Ben Robinson.

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The Prize

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At the end of the Beachside Brawl competition, one cook will be crowned the Best of the Beach. This cook will win a dream beach getaway worth up to $25,000.

How To Watch

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Beachside Brawl premieres Sunday, June 19 at 10 p.m. ET. on Food Network, and will be available to stream on Discovery+. It is sure to be an exciting competition, as Tournament of Champions winners Tiffani and Brooke once again go head-to-head. Host Antonia will oversee all of the action. Filled with fun, the show will make viewers’ mouths water for summertime food. Beachside Brawl may be well worth a watch.

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