September 26, 2023


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Farm and Food: Fact in labeling is the opposite of ‘branding’ | Agriculture

Vilsack explained to the farmers that organics necessary “one brand” and that the rise of the Real Natural Task and its individual label will guide to the rise of the “Real Serious Natural Task and then the Serious Actual True Organic Job.”

“And he may well be ideal,” concedes Thicke.

“But what he [Vilsack] gets completely wrong is that organic is not a ‘brand’ to most farmers. It’s a philosophy, a life, a way to farm that hopes to leave everybody and everything greater off—the soil, our health and fitness, the animals, our bordering communities.”

That perception, that vision “… can’t just be a ‘USDA brand’ if considerably of today’s ‘USDA Organic’ milk and eggs and rooster will come from what are, basically, CAFOs,” concentrated animal feeding functions, says Thicke.

Absolutely sure, he factors out, changes to USDA’s natural generation benchmarks have “gotten us additional food stuff on the shelf that is accredited as organic and natural, the big goal of Big Ag. What it hasn’t gotten us, nonetheless, is greater meals on the shelf or far more organic and natural farmers placing it there.”

Thicke and Chapman are hopeful that ROP can acquire plenty of membership to challenge USDA as the go-to resource for “real” organic and natural food stuff. It will be a extended, tricky uphill slog, while.

Continue to, natural food stuff isn’t about branding or politics, he suggests. “It’s about how we develop our foods. That’s as vital as what we take in.”

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