September 26, 2023


Be Inspired By Food

Farm and Food stuff File ag politics of getting agriculturally apolitical

Alan Guebert

It is a commonly held perception that if you want to get ahead in farm team politics, you simply cannot be political. Effectively, not overtly political, anyway. Quietly, guaranteed loud and you are outa’ here.

For illustration, in accordance to, the best tracker of campaign money in American politics, the nation’s major, richest farm team, the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), contributed a stunningly puny $6,932 to all federal candidates in the 2020 typical election.

The yr prior to, however, AFBF, put in a staggering $3,282,414 for its 18 lobbyists to plant, cultivate and harvest its politically-conservative/subsidy-liberal ag procedures on Capitol Hill.

It’s similar in the agricultural academy Land Grant University officials hardly ever, if at any time, remark on point out or national politics. The overriding public perspective is that college farm and ranch professionals should really focus on effectiveness and gains, not politics and politicians.