June 1, 2023


Be Inspired By Food

Farm and Foods File: Like a SNAP

Alan Guebert

This 12 months of striking contrasts carries on to develop: a late winter season of pandemic horror, a spring of vaccine aid, a summertime of social sunshine, now a Covid reprise this tumble.

For agriculture, August delivered its very own contrasts. For example, the frequently sector-rattling August Crop Report carried the not likely news of around-report 2021 corn and soybean crops and near-history 2022 corn and soybean rates.

On the food items side of the farm-and-meals divide, the information was similarly file-smashing. Cargill, the world commodity player, noted fiscal 2021 gross sales of a staggering $134.4 billion and a income of nearly $5 billion, a file in its 156-calendar year background.

Furthermore, Tyson Meals, Inc., the huge poultry and livestock butcher, not too long ago documented third quarter income 93% better than a yr ago.

Each success establish again that there’s a ton of funds in putting blood on the slaughterhouse floor. They also prove that pandemics are seriously good for Significant Ag oligopolists.