June 2, 2023


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Farm and Foodstuff: Large Agbiz’s major ‘price-fixing’ settlements have to have massive correct | Agriculture

Evidently, this was an “information exchange procedure [that] critically harmed the aggressive system,” suitable?

Yes, notes Carstensen, a top scholar in ag antitrust, “But,” he adds, “antitrust law has unsuccessful to link people dots doctrinally.” And, worse, “The present-day state of antitrust legislation helps make direct challenges to information exchanges [like AgriStats] difficult.”

That is even a lot more worrisome provided Significant Agbiz’s continued consolidation into significant features of pretty much every single farm and food sector like hogs, poultry, beef, greens and, now, row crops.

That’s just what 12,000 peanut farmers asserted in the ADM case: that “ADM’s Golden Peanut division coordinated with two other processors to report defective offer and pricing data, maintaining costs for farmers lower for the past six many years,” described the Journal.

It, and its two other competitors, denied any wrongdoing but all a few — that cope with pretty much each peanut in the U.S. — paid to conclusion the satisfies ADM $45 million, the other two, Birdsong Peanuts and Olam Worldwide, paid out a collective $58 million.

That, of program, is nothing to the peanut giants. In actuality, when taken as component of the complete spend-without the need of-admitting-guilt technique employed by Major Agbiz in 2020-21, “the settlements to date,” writes Carstensen, “represent barely one per cent of a solitary year’s product sales.”