June 7, 2023


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Farmobile gets U.S. patent for its farming knowledge and collection procedure

Farmobile has been granted a U.S. patent for its “Farming Data Assortment Trade Technique.” The cloud-based mostly procedure is able of capturing, processing, and sharing machine-created data while being used for operations such as fertilizing, planting, spraying, or harvesting crops. It features a relay unit that is put in in equipment that instantly gets, stores, and procedures detailed equipment and ag data captured by the device in the course of an procedure.

The technological know-how allows actual-time selection, tracking, checking, sharing, and monetizing of a farm’s critically important data. This features information like the amount of seed, fertilizer, drinking water, and pesticide employed on a field how typically the discipline was dealt with with a certain chemical which components of the area had been untreated climate ailments all through an operation the machines applied to complete an operation and the gear settings activated or deactivated throughout an operation. 

Farmobile was issued two other patents for its “Distributed Transaction-Primarily based Stability and Monitoring of Agricultural Equipment and Agronomic Knowledge.” The initially was granted in 2019 by the USPTO and the next in 2020 by the Canadian Intellectual House Business office. The patents give Farmobile the exclusive ideal to use blockchain in the two international locations to observe electronic agricultural info sets by linked trade transactions.

The hottest patent claims priority back again to the 2013 patent application submitted by the company’s cofounders and inventors Jason G. Tatge, Heath Garret Gerlock, and Randall Thomas Nuss. The patent expires on September 22, 2034.

This patent, Tatge claims, is comparable to the 1 held in Canada. “It further strengthens the place of our ag knowledge improvements in the U.S. market place and reaffirms our capacity to unlock the data farmers will need to create much more benefit for their farms and, much more broadly, the long run of the ag-foods ecosystem,” says the CEO of Farmobile. “When we are capable to leverage high-integrity facts as a system-of-document, we not only empower our shoppers to make improved decisions, we also assistance them find more revenue-creating prospects with these details sets.”

For instance, as carbon credits turn out to be much more of a regulatory concentrate, Farmobile consumers will be equipped to use the interoperable data sets to recoup charges primarily based on the sustainability of their operations.

“We’ll continue on to force the boundaries of how facts know-how can rework agriculture,” claims Chris Schibi, Farmobile chief technologies officer. “When we communicate with farmers, ag shops, agronomists, and other ag-food stuff partners, we are continually searching for techniques to assist the market adopt interoperability requirements to make improvements to info sharing and operations throughout third-social gathering aggregation programs. With every single new patent, Farmobile aids the business set up a foundation of high-high quality, ground-real truth facts.”

You can find out more about Farmobile by visiting farmobile.com.