Ido Fishman: Tips to Cook your Vegetables

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It is common knowledge that cooking vegetable is an art and it can take some time to master this skill perfectly. That said, if you follow certain tips and tactics, you can cook your vegetables really and use the resources available in your kitchen as efficiently as possible. Are you wondering what these golden tips are? Ido has put together a list of some of the best tips to cook your vegetables in your kitchen space. Read on, especially if you are someone who has not cooked vegetables before and are looking for some kind of guidance before you get started.

Refrain from overcrowding your Skillet

It is true that almost every kind of vegetable can be easily prepared by thinly slicing the vegetable, heating oil in a pan on medium heat, and then sautéing the vegetable to the point when it is tender.  You may add some garlic if you want as well. That is quite simple right? That said, if you would like your sautéed vegetables to be very tasty, a great tip for you to know according to Ido Fishman is that you should refrain from overcrowding your skillet.

Make use of a wide skillet and just sauté 1 vegetable layer at a particular time. Vegetables tend to release water while they cook, particularly softer vegetables such as mushrooms and zucchini. If you are putting a lot of vegetables in a pan at the same time, they will steam and convert to a mush like form in their own liquid rather than sautéing to a golden-brown color.

The same is applicable for roasting vegetables. Refrain from piling vegetables on a pan. What you should do is evenly spread them out in a single layer. It is recommended that you purchase another pan so you are able to make more at a single time.

Grilling is not only for Meat

If you are operating your grill for meat, it only makes sense that you cook the complete meal on your grill. From sweet potatoes to zucchini, it is true that vegetables are fantastic with the charred edges and smoky that only a grill is able to impart. Some of the vegetables are simpler to grill than others. That said, if you can keep a couple of tips in mind, you can grill anything that is non-animal in an expert manner.

You should always use heat-stable salt and oil, coating the vegetables lightly before you grill them. Then when your vegetables are done, pour in some more salt and oil. To acquire even greater flavor, marinate your vegetables in vinaigrette before you grill them or drizzle vinaigrette over grilled and warm vegetables.

Vegetables that are softer such as zucchini, mushrooms, bell peppers and onions are quite simple: Cut into small sized chunks and then skewer, or cut into wide and long pieces that will not slip through the grates. Grill till lightly charred and tender.

Better Steaming

Steaming vegetables is a very quick and simple process as per Ido Fishman Chef and is ideal for busy weeknights. Be sure to set a timer since a big risk with steaming vegetables is sogginess. Ensure that you stop steaming your vegetables prior to them becoming totally soft.  They are done when still a little stiff in the center part. Most of the vegetables take about 10 minutes or so. The harder vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squash and carrots steam in around 10 to 20 minutes. If you would like to acquire the best possible results, a good practice would be to steam various kinds of vegetables separately.

Bottom Line

You can cook your vegetables very easily and efficiently when you follow these tips by Ido Fishman. These tips are also ideal to cook a tasty lunch or dinner! Cooking experts also recommend that you go through the numerous vegetable cooking tips available online to further refine your skills.