Letter: Advertise healthy food stuff as response to virus | Letters

To the Editor: The following is an open letter to Dr. Mark Levine, Commissioner of Wellbeing.

Pricey Dr. Levine, Thank you for all your tireless initiatives to navigate us as a result of this hard time. It is not an straightforward job. I would like to offer some of my concerns and views.

I have observed about the earlier many many years that everyone’s health and fitness, like youthful little ones, has been deteriorating. As a nation, Individuals are likely the unhealthiest folks of all the produced nations, despite the actuality that we have exceptional healthcare services and some of the finest medical professionals in the environment. One particular in 5 Individuals suffers from auto-immune diseases. Why is this?

Some of the reply could lie in the fact that accessibility to healthcare care is not evenly dispersed throughout the state. But I believe that that element of the solution lies in the truth that we ingest food items that are contaminated with chemical fertilizers and preservatives, with high sugar written content, and laced with antibiotics, advancement hormones, and pesticide residues. The conventional farming practices (employing pesticides) and the industrialized meals process in the United States is contributing to an overload of artificial and toxic substances in our bodies. This effects in weakening our immune methods, producing us all vulnerable to succumb to infections prompted by pathogens (the microorganisms and viruses that are generally existing). Studies exhibit that pesticide-induced immune procedure diseases are a main wellbeing concern. There is proof that the pesticides which comprise glyphosate (these types of as Roundup), for example, not only ruin the great bacteria in the soil, but also in the human intestine microbiome. And as you know, a effectively-well balanced intestine microbiome is responsible for a very well-operating immune method.

My question for you is: Alternatively of only recommending vaccinations and social distancing to safeguard us from viral infections like the flu and the existing COVID 19 virus, why aren’t the Vermont Office of Well being alongside with the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, and the Vermont Company of Human Providers, requiring or mandating that all Vermont citizens are ensured effortless entry to wholesome, natural and organic, and nutritious food? This is in particular very important for little ones. It is critical to take note that pesticide-treated food stuff crops reduce their dietary price. Why is not there extra emphasis on regenerative farming procedures that do away with the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers so that the crops are developed in wholesome, fertile soil and therefore have the full nutrient price and really do not include any pesticide residue?

If each kid and grownup in Vermont is knowledgeable about and inspired or assisted to obtain nourishment-dense, natural and organic, unprocessed foodstuff, their immune units would be more robust and far more resilient to ward off viral inflammations and other ailments. It is a simple fact that undesirable food stuff harms us, but excellent food stuff can heal us. I assistance your attempts to greatly enhance the health of our citizens, in particular the wellbeing of our little ones.

Carol A. Berry,