June 1, 2023


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Managing local weather hazard is superior small business and excellent for the potential

Alan Guebert

With the wave of a wand, you’re the manager of the Farm Credit Technique. You handle a portfolio of 592,000 ag-linked customers holding 946,119 financial loans totaling $315 billion — $113 billion in real estate credit card debt by yourself — according to Dec. 2020 FCS data.

Those quantities preserve most folks up at night but you sleep like a child mainly because your staff understands chance and how to “price” loans dependent on the 5 Cs of lending: collateral, cash, character, capability, and situations.

A short while ago, however, a sixth and seventh “C” have produced your times lengthier and your evenings sweatier: weather change. How do you component into your financial loans the unknown destruction larger, far more repeated hurricanes, floods, droughts, harsher winters, and hotter increasing seasons will have on agriculture?

The only solace you have discovered so far is that you are not alone. Other ag lenders like industrial banking companies, insurance coverage firms, and the U.S. Division of Agriculture’s  Farm Service Agency are fumbling for answers, too.