September 27, 2023


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Pensacola Beach chef reaches Food Network’s ‘Beachside Brawl’ finale

Grand Marlin chef Edward Lordman spent the summer casting a spotlight on Pensacola’s culinary scene through his appearance on the Food Network summer series “Beachside Brawl.”

Over six weeks of competition, Lordman chopped, baked and pureed his way into the final round of an East vs. West cooking competition that brought together top chefs from across the country to vie for the title “Best of the Beach” and a $25,000 vacation.

In the final episode of the show Sunday, Lordman beat out another Florida chef to win the title “Best of the East Coast” but suffered a narrow defeat in a final showdown with the West’s best chef.

Still, Lordman said he was “at peace” with the result, proud of his performance and confident he had come home a better chef.

Pensacola chef Edward Lordman was featured on the Food Network's "Beachside Brawl" series this summer.

East Coast, Beast Coast

In the first challenge, each coast’s team needed to use two ingredients from an iconic tropical beverage and incorporate them into a savory dish.

Lordman and Tampa chef Jada Vidal were tasked to play off the piña colada, using coconut cream and pineapple.

Lordman presented the judges with a coconut pineapple broth with charred corn and pineapple slaw, topped with coconut fried shrimp.