October 3, 2023


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The Best Food and Drinks at Austin FC’s New Soccer Stadium Q2

This is the year that Austin finally got its first major league sports team. While the Austin FC made its debut earlier this spring with games held in other states, this week the soccer team plays its first home game in the city’s newly minted major league stadium, Q2.

In line with the city ethos, Q2’s concessions celebrate local restaurants, trucks, and food businesses, under the guidance of chef Sam Boisjoly and the stadium’s hospitality company, 512 Food Co. Naturally, there’s barbecue (Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ pitmaster had played soccer himself), plentiful tacos (Tacodeli, One Taco, the aforementioned Valentina’s), and local beers (many from breweries found in the same neighborhood), all rounded out by reliable stadium classics: hot dogs, burgers, nachos, and peanuts.

Austin FC’s first home game is on Saturday, June 19, against the San Jose Earthquakes, however, the new stadium will host its first match when the U.S. Women’s national soccer team takes on Nigeria on Wednesday, June 16.

A black-and-green bear cutout figure in front of a soccer field

A cutout of the Austin FC bear near one of the entrances of the Q2 Stadium

Folded-up stadium seats in varying shades of greeen

The Q2 stadium seats are bright green — one of Austin FC’s logo colors.

A soccer field with a sprinkler system spraying water and bleachers of stadium seats

The soccer field at the Q2 stadium

Tips and Public Safety Protocols:

  • Per Austin Public Health guidelines, the open-air stadium is seating at 100 percent capacity, which means more than 20,500 attendees.
  • The stadium gates open to ticket holders 90 minutes before kickoff.
  • The entire stadium is cashless, so payments take the form of credit and debit cards or through the official Austin FC/Q2 apps (Apple, Google). Cash can be converted into a Netspend card through guest services, found behind Section 124.
  • People can also place express orders for specific concessions from their seats through the Austin FC apps. Participating concessioners will have separate pickup areas at their counters for these orders.
  • There’s a limit of two alcoholic beverage purchases per person per sale.
  • Alcohol sales stop 80 minutes into game time.
  • People are not able to bring in or take out alcoholic beverages.
  • There are Yeti water stations and water fountains throughout the stadium, free of charge.
  • Most bags — minus small purses, medical, and childcare-related ones — are banned.
  • Tailgating outside of the stadium isn’t allowed.

Paper containers with open-face flour tortillas topped with thick slices of brisket and a green creamy sauce

The sliced brisket taco with verde sauce at Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ’s stadium stand

A man in a black shirt and black face mask holding up a wooden board that contains sliced ribs

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ pitmaster Miguel Vidal posing with a rack of mesquite-smoked baby back ribs

Best Bets for Food at Q2

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

The revered barbecue Tex-Mex truck Valentina’s represents the best of Austin from pitmaster and soccer fan Miguel Vidal. The short and sweet menu includes smoked pulled pork sandwich plates with house habanero barbecue mustard sauce; the El Rey sandwich with brisket, pulled pork, and sausage; and, of course, the sliced brisket taco on a flour tortilla with verde sauce. The barbecue spot will also offer mesquite-smoked baby back ribs available before kickoff, which are sure to sell out quickly.

Valentina’s brisket sandwiches are also available grab-and-go from the stadium’s markets: the ATX MRKT and Austin City Goods (see below).

Where: The Valentina’s container stand is found in the La Barra Dos Equis section near Section 134; the ATX MRKT is near Section 104; and the Austin City Goods near section 127.

One Taco

The growing Austin taco chain from Tony Avila and Axel Beverido focuses on quality corn tortillas. At Q2, find pork pastor and nopalitos, the latter of which is vegan.

Where: One Taco’s kiosk is found near Section 107.

A green hot dog bun with a hot dog and layers of drizzled sauces in white, green, and red

T-Loc’s Sonoran hot dog at the Q2 Stadium

T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs

Miguel Kaiser and Zulma Nataren’s Austin food truck honors the namesake dish from Sonora, Mexico, which became popular in Arizona. The Sonoran hot dogs — the wiener is wrapped in bacon and loaded with beans, onions, tomatoes, and lots of condiments (getting everything is referred to as “con todo,” which is Spanish for “with all”) — are naturally on the stadium menu, alongside other items with options for vegetarians.

Where: T-Loc’s kiosk is found near Section 119.

The Austin Table

Stadium chef Boisjoly wanted a place to highlight a rotating roster of Austin cooks and restaurants, with an emphasis on BIPOC and mom-and-pop shops. Each game day will feature a different chef or restaurant with its own menu. Future participants include Edgar Rico of taco restaurant Nixta Taqueria, Yoshi Okai of omakase restaurant Otoko, South Indian restaurant Chennai Cafe, Japanese restaurant Sugar Pine, Asian-Southern restaurant the Peached Tortilla, Mexican sports bar and restaurant Botanero (expect ceviche and fajita tacos), and Southern-Southeast Asian food truck SXSE Food Co.

Where: The Austin Table stand is found near Section 137.

Bao’d Up

The quickly growing fast-casual Asian restaurant from chef and owner Ting Li set up a kiosk within the stadium. On deck is its signature bao, which makes for great stadium fare since the steamed buns are very portable. Available are the Buffalo chicken, Texas brisket, juicy pork, and vegetable (broccoli, sweet potatoes, and edamame in a bun made with almond milk).

Where: Bao’d’s kiosk is found near Section 118.

A black stadium kiosk with a sign that reads “Bao’d Up”

Bao’d Up’s Q2 kiosk

A brown cardboard container with a single large steamed bun

One of Bao’d Up’s bao available at the Q2 stadium

Best Bets for Drinks at Q2

Beer Hall

The indoor beer hall with air conditioning will pour out a lot of local draft beers, including a bunch from its neighboring breweries. This means Austin favorites like Pinthouse Pizza’s Electric Jellyfish; Austin Eastciders’ pineapple cider; 4th Tap Brewing Cooperative’s collaboration with Grammy-nominated local psychedelic soul band Black Pumas; plus canned options such as Zilker Brewing Co.’s Parks & Rec pale ale. Food-wise, there are pretzels and beer cheese from local bakery and beer garden mini-chain Easy Tiger, a stadium-only green chile and smoked gouda sausages from famed West, Texas, shop Slovacek’s, and pepperoni rolls from Austin-based pizza chain DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks. Orders can be placed at the bar or through QR codes while seated. The windows don’t face into the stadium, but there are plentiful television screens that will show the action live, plus arcade games. The hall will be open four hours before kickoff, as well as after games conclude.

Where: The second-level Beer Hall is in Section 200, which is accessible via stairs and an elevator near the northeast gate and stairs within the merchandise store.

An ordering/cashier counter flanked by white containers full of bagged stacks, and a ceiling of halved kegs and lights

The counter at the Beer Hall in Q2

A refrigerator shelves full of colorful canned beers

The beer options of the ATX MRKT includes a lot of Austin breweries

ATX MRKT & Austin City Goods

Both grab-and-go markets share a great lineup of local canned beers, including Austin Beerworks, Zilker Brewing Co., Real Ale Brewing Company, Circle Brewing Company, and Austin Eastciders. There are other drinks from local companies too: canned nitro cold-brew coffee from Little City Coffee Roasters and canned sparkling water from Waterloo. Orders can be placed through the Austin FC app or there are self-checkout kiosks with staffers around to help.

Where: The ATX MRKT stand is near Section 104, and the Austin City Goods stand near section 127.

Casa Chapala

It’s not an Austin event without margaritas, and the Austin Mexican restaurant from the Barragan Cortez family will serve just that, alongside tortas and nachos.

Where: Casa Chapala’s kiosk is found near Section 121.

Colorful concession stand restaurants that are closed, with an alfresco hallway lined with hanging lights

A line of concession stands at the Q2 stadium

Section-by-Section Dining Guide

Level One

Stand location near Section 101
One of the official concession stands from 512 Food Co. sells general stadium dishes, from smash burgers to fries to chicken tenders, plus vegetarian options.

El Mercado
Stand location near Section 102
The grab-and-go market with drinks and ready-to-eat items from local food business: Mmmpanadas (green chile chicken, beef, and vegetarian spicy black bean empanadas), Tamale Addiction (meat, vegetarian, and vegan tamales), and Tacodeli tacos. There are vegetarian-friendly options as well. There are self-checkout services with staffers around to help.

Stand location near Section 103
Another official stadium concession from 512 Food Co. with the general sports-y fare, including nachos, chili dogs, Bavarian pretzels, and sausages from Slovacek’s.

A counter and a shelf with containers full of bagged snacks, underneath two ones, one that reads “Snacks” and the other “Candy”

ATX MRKT sells a lot of bagged snacks and candies

Stand location near Section 104
(See “Best Bets for Drinks”) The second grab-and-go market with drinks, local canned beers, sparkling water and seltzers, wine, fresh fruit, popsicles from Austin frozen sweets company Mom & Pop (with a stadium-only flavor, the Viva Verde, with pineapple, basil, spinach, and lime juice), snacks, chips, candies, and brisket sandwiches from Valentina’s. There are both vegan and vegetarian options, and self-checkout services with staffers around to help.

DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks
Two stand locations near Sections 105 and 123
This chain, an “official pizza partner” of the stadium, will fire up pepperoni rolls and ginormous cheese or pepperoni pizza slices from its two locations.

One Taco
Kiosk location near Section 107
(See “Best Bets for Food”) The Austin taco restaurant will serve up corn tortillas with pork pastor or nopalitos, making it an option for those who are vegan and gluten-free.

Easy Tiger
Two kiosk locations near Sections 108 and 127
The growing Austin mini-chain is focusing on its classic game day combination: a giant soft pretzel paired with beer cheese sauce and grain mustard. The combo is also available at the Beer Hall found in Section 200.

A giant pretzel with two sauce containers — one brown the other orange — on a green paper liner with little tigers and trees on a white cardboard box

Easy Tiger’s big pretzel with beer cheese sauce and grain mustard

Bao’d Up
Kiosk location near Section 118
(See “Best Bets for Food”) The Austin mini-chain’s stadium location will serve up bao stuffed with brisket, chicken, pork, or a vegetable mix.

Slovacek’s West
Two kiosk locations near Sections 118 and 123
The Czech barbecue and kolache shop in West, Texas, is bringing its meats and baked goods to the Austin stadium. Expect ring bologna, jalapeno poppers, and kolaches, as well as an exclusive stadium-only green chile and smoked gouda sausage.

T-Loc’s Sonora Hot Dogs
Kiosk location near Section 119
(See “Best Bets for Food”) The Austin food truck will sling its namesake bacon-wrapped hot dog, plus other items, including vegetarian-friendly options.

Casa Chapala
Kiosk location near Section 121
(See “Best Bets for Drinks”) The Austin Mexican restaurant will set up shop with tortas, nachos, and margaritas.

A stadium concession stand storefront, with a counter, heated containers of food, and a sign that reads “Tacodeli”

Tacodeli’s stand at Q2, with designated areas for pickups and mobile pickups

Stand location near Section 122
The Austin-born and -based Texas taco chain is serving up its new-school tacos: the sirloin fundido, chicken fundido, and vegetarian bean and cheese, alongside its famous sauces, including the salsa dona.

Queso Fountain
Kiosk location near Section 126
Texas is a queso state, so naturally, the stadium put together this queso kiosk. On deck are three varieties: a spicy queso fuego, basic three-cheese queso, and the queso verde, which was chosen through a contest with home cooks judged by Texas queso company Culinary Cowgirls. Plus, there are frozen margaritas.

Austin City Goods
Stand location near Section 127
(See “Best Bets for Drinks”) Similar to ATX MRKT, this grab-and-go store includes drinks (lots of local beers, water, and energy drinks), fresh fruit, ice cream, snacks, chips, and highly coveted sandwiches from Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ. There are vegetarian-friendly items. There are self-checkout services with staffers around to help.

A green cut-out statue of a tree in a soccer stadium

A statue of Austin FC’s logo: the Treaty Oak tree

Eastside Eats
Stand location near Section 128
Similar to Munchies, this stadium stand focuses on game-day food: nachos, chili dogs, Bavarian pretzels, and sausages from Slovacek’s.

Oak Hill Grill
Stand location near Section 129
Another stadium operation, this one focused on smash burgers, crispy fries, and chicken tenders, plus vegetarian-friendly options.

Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ
Container stand location near Section 134
(See “Best Bets for Food”) The Austin barbecue and Tex-Mex truck slings barbecue-loaded tacos and sandwiches.

Pluckers Wing Bar
Stand location near Section 135
The Austin restaurant chain will serve up its signature chicken wings drenched in various sauces, including Goldrush barbecue.

The Austin Table
Stand location near Section 137
(See “Best Bets for Food”) A rotating menu from a different chef or restaurant for each game.

An inside beer hall with long tables and television screens with Austin FC’s logo and stadium name “Q2”

The indoor Beer Hall at Q2

Level Two

Beer Hall
Section 200
(See “Best Bets for Drinks”) The indoor beer hall features plentiful draft beers, drinks, snacks, and food from Easy Tiger, Slovacek’s, and DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks.

Various Bars
Throughout the Stadium
There are three types of bars throughout the stadium: kiosks with draft beers (a Michelob Ultra one, a Yeti one serving Tecate, a Ketel One Vodka with canned cocktails and draft beers, and one from Houston-based brewery Karbach Brewing Co., among others); smaller kiosks with canned beers; and the La Barra Dos Equis container bar.

An open black structure with a sign that reads “La Barra Dos Equis XX” with a black fence sign that reads “Verde | Listos”

The La Barra Dos Equis XX area features Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ, a bar, and picnic table seating.

Exclusive Areas

Premium Terrace
Second level, stairs and elevators near the southwest and northwest gates
The indoor lounge with a patio overlooking the field features two restaurants: Austin restaurant Taco Flats will serve tacos like its smoked pork carnitas queso and nachos, as well as drinks like beer and spicy margaritas. Then there’s the stadium restaurant ATX Doghouse, serving hot dogs and sausages. The area is open only to Premium Terrace members.

Captain Morgan Club
First level, near the southwest and northwest gates
The beverage brand is Austin FC’s spirits partner. The area is open only to Captain Morgan Club ticket holders.

Lexus Club
First level, entry near Sections 109 and 118
The indoor private lounge features pizza, tacos a la plancha, taquitos, baked goods, and a carving station inspired by Hill Country barbecue joints. The area is open only to Lexus Club ticket holders.

Q2 Field Club
Field level, entry through the VIP Lobby
The club will feature food and drinks. The area is open only to Q2 Field Club ticket holders.

Varying colorful concert photos and a taxidermied jackalope mount on a dark wooden wall

Concert posters line one of the walls at the Q2 Field Club.

The inside of a dark lounge with tables and sofa seating and hanging orange lights and several television screens

The interior of the Q2 Field Club

Outside of the Stadium

H-E-B Plaza
North of the stadium outside of northeast gates
The outdoor area is open to the general public before games. The space will serve beer, water, and sodas, and host two rotating local food trucks, including Taco Flats, and a potential new one from Filipino restaurant Carabao Express.

Live Oak Park
East of the stadium
The park will feature drinks.

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People standing and seating in groups in a large brewery taproom space with a projection screen showing a soccer game

A soccer watch party at Adelbert’s Brewery
Adelbert’s Brewery/Facebook

The exterior of the Q2 stadium

The exterior of the Q2 stadium
Austin FC [Official]