September 26, 2023


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Treat couscous like risotto for a creamy, fresh meal | Food and Cooking

Food-MilkStreet-Couscous Risotto

This image released by Milk Street shows a recipe for couscous risotto with asparagus.

Sometimes the key to easy, flavorful weeknight cooking is looking at dishes in a different way. Risotto, for instance. In typical recipes, chicken broth is added to rice in stages, requiring constant stirring that knocks loose starches that combine with butter and broth to create a creamy sauce.

Delicious, yes, but we picked up a revelatory technique from Tel Aviv’s farm-to-table restaurant Igra Rama that saved time and effort without sacrificing flavor. Chef Aner Ben Refael turns to a common Israeli pantry staple — pearl couscous — and treats it like rice for risotto.

Because couscous is not a grain but rather a tiny, round pasta — known as ptitim, or “little crumbles” in Hebrew — it requires much less cooking time. But it still releases enough starch to create the ideal creamy sauce. For this recipe from our book “COOKish,” little stirring is required.

The wheaty flavor of pearl couscous, which sometimes is labeled Israeli couscous, is nicely complemented by the salty, nutty notes of Parmesan cheese and the grassiness of fresh parsley. Fresh springtime asparagus makes the perfect crisp-tender addition, and using water to cook the pasta instead of chicken broth not only lightens this dish, but also keeps it vegetarian.


Start to finish: 30 minutes