November 28, 2022


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Valheim Best Food Combo

Food play a big role in Valheim. You need to eat in order to improve your stamina, your health and the rate at which your health regenerates. You can have buffs from up to three meals at a time, which means you should carefully choose what you eat, based on your needs at the moment. There are a bunch of food items you can find and prepare, so we’ve decided to write a guide on Valheim best food combos, to help you figure out what to make and how to make it, which combos are best for increasing health, stamina and health regeneration.

valheim best food combo
Valheim Best Food Combo

Valheim recipe list

Here’s a list of all the food recipes we’ve uncovered so far:

Food Recipe
Cooked Fish 1 raw fish
Cooked Meat 1 raw meat
Cooked Serpent Meat 1 raw serpent meat
Cooked Lox Meat 1 raw lox meat
Grilled Neck Tail 1 raw neck meat
Queens Jam 8 raspberries, 8 blueberries
Carrot Soup 3 carrots, 1 mushroom
Sausages 2 entrails, 1 raw meat, 4 thistle
Turnip Stew 3 turnips, 1 raw meat
Bread 10 barley flour
Fish Wraps 2 cooked fish, 4 barley flour
Blood Pudding 2 thistle, 2 bloodbag, 4 barley flour
Lox Meat Pie 2 cooked lox meat, 2 cloudberries, 4 barley flour
Serpent Stew 1 cooked serpent meat, 1 mushroom, 2 honey

Valheim food list

Here’s a list of all the food items you can find and prepare, along with their nutritional values and the biomes they (or their rarest ingredient) appear in:

Food Health Stamina Healing Duration Biome
Honey 20 20 5 300 Meadows
Raspberry 15 20 1 600 Meadows
Mushroom 15 20 1 600 Meadows
Cooked Meat 40 30 2 1200 Meadows
Grilled Neck Tail 35 20 2 1000 Meadows
Blueberry 15 20 1 600 Black Forest
Yellow Mushroom 20 20 1 600 Black Forest
Carrot 15 15 1 600 Black Forest
Cooked Fish 45 25 2 1200 Black Forest
Queens Jam 30 40 2 1200 Black Forest
Carrot Soup 20 60 2 1500 Black Forest
Blood Pudding 90 50 4 2400 Swamp
Sausages 60 40 3 1600 Swamp
Turnip Stew 50 50 2 1600 Swamp
Fish Wraps 60 90 4 2400 Mountains
Cloudberries 15 25 1 800 Plains
Lox Meat Pie 80 80 4 2400 Plains
Cooked Lox Meat 70 40 3 2000 Plains
Bread 40 70 2 1800 Plains
Serpent Stew 80 80 4 2400 Ocean
Cooked Serpent Meat 70 40 3 2000 Ocean

Best food combo for stamina

If you look at the table above, you can see that the best combo for increasing your max stamina would be Lox Meat Pie, Fish Wraps and Serpent Stew. Eating all three would bump up your stamina by 250 points.

Best food combo for health

The best combo for increasing your maximum health also consists of top of the line foods – this time around it’s Lox Meat Pie, Blood Pudding and Serpent Stew. Eating them all in quick succession would increase your health by 250.

Best food combo for healing

Hands down the single best healing food in the game is honey. It heals 5 health per tick. If it’s healing you’re the most interested in, combine it with any two of the foods that heal 4 health per tick – Fish Wraps, Blood Pudding, Lox Meat Pie and Serpent Stew.

Best food for early game

After you decide to upgrade your diet from raw berries and grilled meat, you’ll probably want to know which foods are the easiest to make while also providing great benefits. First off, it’s honey. If you make around five or six bee hives, you’ll end up with more honey you can find a use for.

Next up is the Queen’s Jam. It’s better than eating the two types of berries on their own, while also saving some inventory space. There’s loads of them in the early biomes, so you won’t be left with an empty stomach.

Carrot Soup is also a great choice as soon as you’ve found your first batch of carrot seeds. You’ll need some mushrooms as well, which might be an issues if you’ve been gorging on them before you discovered fine cuisine.

Sausages are a great choice once you reach the swamps. You’ll get a bunch of entrails from the zombies, so if you have some thistle lying around you’ll be in for a treat.