June 7, 2023


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Versatility in Food stuff Distribution – AG Information Community OF THE WEST

Adaptability in Food items Distribution

Trevor Williams

Trevor Williams
News Reporter

With your Southeast Regional Ag Report, I am Trevor Williams.

The COVID-19 pandemic has guide quite a few of us becoming much more adaptable out of a signifies of necessity. The farming and ranching marketplace has been pivoting in quite a few strategies as quite a few eating places and vacationer destinations have slowed down. Many functions are now promoting either direct to stores or frequently immediate to consumers. With the shift from restaurants to retail, labeling and packaging demands had to be tackled, and relatively swiftly as well.

Below Secretary for Advertising and marketing and Regulatory Courses, Greg Ibach, discusses some of the flexibilities designed because of to shifts of food stuff distribution from foodservice and places to eat to retail – a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had to deal with some adaptability in packaging and labeling in meat, vegetables, and eggs to let individuals to movement from food products and services to retail. That was quite critical since, at the commencing of the coronavirus outbreak and these preliminary closures, we try to remember we saw the shelves at grocery retailers turn out to be very barren in some situations. So those flexibilities permitted the product to flow to wherever it was in demand and that was pretty significant.”

Several months soon after the pandemic started, 1 Florida farmer resorted to offering his produce direct to people. Lines of cars and trucks various miles long, would go to the squash and cucumber farmer to purchase farm fresh vegetables at a quite low price tag. A get/get for all concerned. Just a further example of the innovation and quick pondering of farmers.