June 4, 2023


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What You Need To Know About Wine Coolers 

Dual Zone vs. Single Temperature Wine Coolers | Wine Enthusiast

Whether you are just a beginner at storing wine or an intermediate, there are some things you need to know about wine coolers. Learning about this will help you take the necessary precautions when using it. 

Learning about wine coolers also answers this question: “what is a wine cooler.” Learning about them will expose you to what wine coolers need and what they don’t want around them. Below is everything you need to know about wine coolers and what their environment should look like. 

  1. Wine coolers should have a steady temperature:

When it comes to the wine storing business, having a steady temperature matters. The design of the large wine cooler can come later, but when it has fluctuations, it will lead to poor storage. 

The reason why your wine cooler should not be this way is that the wine will expand and contract, and this will cause the cork to leak or become dried out. And when this happens, it is not good for the wine as the flavor may give way. 

  1. No light:

The major enemy of wine is light, and when you expose them to light for a very long time, it can lead to the flavor of the one spoiling, which won’t create a great taste. Light contains UV rays which cause the wine labels to become old, and when this gets to the wine, it can spoil it. Make sure that your fridge has LED bulbs. 

  1. Humidity:

Humidity is very important in a wine cooler, and the ideal humidity range of your wine cooler should range from 50 to 70 %. Ehe. Your Wine Cooler contains dry air, which can lead to the cork of the wine getting dry, which can spoil the wine. Make sure you get a wine cooler with a humidity controller and a good drainer to ensure optimal humidity. 

  1. Less vibration:

When buying a wine cooler, make sure that you buy one that doesn’t vibrate all the time. When your wine cooler is always vibrating, it will make the sediment of the wine produce a chemical reaction that may not be good for the wine. A whole wine collection may get spoiled if you allow the wine fridge to be vibrating all the time. 

  1. It is different from a regular refrigerator:

Another thing you should know is that a wine freezer is different from a regular refrigerator and, as such, should be treated differently. The temperature is different, and so is the purpose; treating it the same way as the regular refrigerator can cause it not to last long. 


There are certain things that you should know about wine refrigerators. You know some of these things, such as the temperature ranges, what it needs around it, and what it doesn’t need, will help increase the lifespan. Make sure you keep light away from your wine cooler and treat it differently from the way you treat your regular refrigerator.